Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bozcaada (Tenedos) Wines

Every year in June, I go to a wine tasting event in Bozcaada. It's an event I try not to miss, though I'd missed few times in the previous years. I did go this year and tasted the new wines of the island. There are four winemakers in the island. Corvus, Çamlıbağ (Yunatçılar), Talay, Ataol. My favorite in the group is Çamlıbağ for many reasons but they all have special wines. Corvus for example, owned by architect Reşit Soley, has been making quality wines and getting national/international awards. Their first year, my favorite was Teneia, an aromatic white made of the island's princess, Çavuş. A very aromatic, crisp white. It's the first wine made of the island's own Çavuş. Talay, is among the oldest wineries of the island. Nowadays
it's managed by two cousins, Mehmet Talay and Ahmet Talay. Each year, at the winetasting event, there are open air concerts where you can listen to classical, jazz, folk or gypsy musics while you're tasting wines by those wineries. This year, when I was at the island, I tasted many wines and enjoyed Çamlıbağ's Vasilaki (white) and Ataol's Vasilaki, Corvus's Merlot and Çamlıbağ's Merlot-Kuntra 2006. Çamlıbağ's wines are around 15 Turkish lira this year.

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